Comics Bob Game Play Online For Free

We live in a comfortable and safe world where nothing threatens us and we don’t have to solve any particularly difficult tasks. More often than not, the choice we make is which pizza to order for lunch today or what movie to watch in the evening. But it wasn’t always so. Before we reached such level of civilization, the ancient people used to live in constant tension, because they had to cope with all the difficulties on their own. It is in such a world full of dangers and non-trivial decisions that you will get to playing Comics Bob! But everything won’t be as scary as it sounds, because the game is fun and entertaining. All threats on the screen will be purely nominal and won’t bring much harm to the hero. And you will have a lot of fun observing his adventures!

Urgent problems of the caveman

In Comics Bob games, the two main characters are Bob himself, who looks like a typical ancient savage with a shaggy beard wrapped in a spotted skin, and his girlfriend, who loves to attend to her looks despite the primitive conditions in which they live. Most of the levels will be played on behalf of Bob, but sometimes you will also play as the girl – for example, in the scene with her abduction. And yes, she will easily get out of captivity on her own, Bob won’t even have to save her. Indeed, in those distant times, women couldn’t afford to be weak and defenseless, they also had to be able to stand up for themselves!

Make choices and solve puzzles!

What is the gameplay like? First, you see Bob, who begins his journey through another location. He walks peacefully across the green lawn until he meets an obstacle or an enemy. Then you will see some kind of reaction – for example, he thoughtfully scratches his head or trembles with fear – and icons with two objects will appear at the bottom of the screen, from which you must select and apply just one. Moreover, the range of these items will be very far from historical accuracy. From time to time, instead of a stick or stone, you will be offered a hairdryer, telephone, electric shaver and even dynamite!

This is the entire charm of Comics Bob – in difficult situations you will make completely insane decisions and will be happy to see how it affects the course of events. You will have to get out of pits, fight tigers and crocodiles, swim out of sea depths on the tail of a giant whale, hunt for food. And of course go on romantic primeval dates! Play Comics Bob online and have fun!

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