Game Kiss

When you are the first man on earth, living alone is incredibly boring if you don’t have a close friend. So in this game, a cute savage named Bob has a girl! However, winning her heart will not be so easy. Get ready to go on a date with Bob and his girlfriend and help him make the right decisions to please the beautiful lady! The first step is to give her flowers. Next, you can impress your sweetheart by painting her portrait on a stone slab using a brush made of a squirrel tail.

During a romantic walk, an unexpected obstacle will appear on your way – a huge puddle. You can try to act like a real gentleman and throw the skin you’re wearing on the ground so that the girl can walk on it without getting her feet wet. But this will only make her laugh, and Bob will be disgraced. What to do? Look in your inventory – there is also a cocktail tube. With its help, Bob will drink up the puddle and the problem will be solved. And don’t rush with kisses when you get to the door of your beloved! Perhaps for the first time it is better to limit yourself to a cup of coffee, which she will gladly brew you, as well as intimate conversations girls love so much. And then next time a happy lady will reward you with the best kiss of your life!

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