Comics Bob 2

Do you know how to deal with a saber-toothed tiger? How do you pick up a stolen item from a pterodactyl? How to get an apple out of a trap so that your hand doesn’t get chopped off? All these tricks can be learned by playing Comics Bob 2! In this game you will discover that primitive predators are afraid of mice, that it is useless to shoot a pterodactyl with a slingshot, but you can distract it by inflating a balloon in the form of another pterodactyl, and that before you climb into a huge dinosaur skull for a tempting fruit lying there, you need to prop the fossil jaws with a stick. Intrigued? The second part dedicated to the adventures of the funny caveman is just beginning! There is still a lot of interesting things ahead!

For example, Bob will visit a restaurant run by a monkey in a chef’s hat. But you won’t be able to get there just like that. Snakes have settled in a jug at the entrance, striving to snatch anyone who passes by. How to deal with this scourge? You can try to cover them with a lid, but this is dangerous, because they can still bite you. But sushi sticks will come in handy – with their help you can safely pull the snakes out of the jug and throw them into the bushes. The path is clear!

In the restaurant, you will see appetizing fish on the table. But when you pull out a knife, it will get scared and jump into the pond. Poor Bob, he hoped to have a hearty meal! The monkey will give you a fishing rod so that you try your luck again. What bait do ancient fish prefer – a worm or a smelly sock? In any case, the heavy fish will drag you to the middle of the pond. But don’t worry, you can get out by grabbing the tail of the whale, which will tow you straight to the shore, and also throw the cherished fish right into your hands! Play Comics Bob 2 and try to complete all the levels!

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