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A long time ago, at the dawn of time, our distant ancestors lived in a very dangerous and unfriendly world. They didn’t have anything that we have today, no conveniences and achievements of civilization. They walked through the jungle in skins and with long beards, hunted for food and fled as fast as they could from larger predators. Every day they faced many problems and their lives were constantly in danger. Do you think you could have survived in the prehistoric era? To test this, just play Comics Bob! And even though everything is not so serious here, you still have to show your ingenuity, solving various problems and struggling with the difficulties of primitive life.

And there will be plenty of them in the game. Almost any action that a character takes will be accompanied by a painful choice. And it won’t always be obvious. For example, a sabertooth is jumping out of the bushes clearly willing to eat you. Bob is scared, he urgently needs to save his skin! On the screen you will see two objects with which you can get rid of the danger. Perhaps you can distract the tiger by throwing a piece of meat? But bad luck, he will bite off your hand along with the ham! On the second try, you click on a tiny white mouse. As it turns out, ancient tigers are afraid of mice just like modern elephants. The big cat will instantly climb the tree and the path will be clear. And then you will see something even more incredible – the mouse will climb up after it, and by the shaking branches and leaves falling down you will understand that there is a real fight in the foliage. The strange things you can see in the primeval world!

Then Bob will find himself in a rather unpleasant situation – as he is crossing a deep hole over the log, it will break, and the character will be trapped. How can he get out of this mess? It would seem that the right decision is to use a ladder. But apparently everything that is made of wood in this game is not very reliable, because the stair will crack and Bob will end up at the bottom again. Can a frog help us somehow? You are really wondering how it will save the hero – maybe he will grab onto it to jump out? It turns out that this is not a real frog, but a huge balloon that will quickly and smoothly take you upstairs. So, level by level, you will get acquainted with the life of the main character and learn about all the troubles of survival in ancient times. Enjoy the gameplay and get through all the dangers waiting for you and Bob!

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